Burial Service Options

We strongly believe in helping families choose the right service they feel is beneficial to them. We not only encourage decisions to remain within the parameters of your wishes but also consider the finances you are working with. While we do not encourage any particular way to honor a loved one nor believe there is a right or wrong way for a family, we strongly advise you to consider all the details, what would be the best fit for all family members and friends who have become family confronted by the loss.

We have evaluated many different methods of disposition to consider and will provide information as to the different ones. Ultimately, the person responsible for the arrangements knows what is the best route for the final services of a loved one. We never believe one service fits all; however, you only have one opportunity to do things the best way you can.


Today, some families prefer the option of having all of the services held on the same day. This option is convenient for various reasons and accommodates out-of-town guests, family members, and the feeling of not extending the time between viewing to burial. Please know, this option does not reduce the viewing time or time spent with a deceased loved one, yet simply, one way many have found more bearable to go through as well. We understand each family situation and circumstance is unique, which will help facilitate the best option to consider.


Many families are accustomed to having viewing services the night before and return to the funeral home in the morning for final viewing. This allows the family members and close friends one last time to view their loved one for a short time before the final funeral services are held at the funeral home or a church. Upon conclusion of the ceremony of choice, the funeral will proceed to the final place of disposition chosen by the family. It is customary for a clerical person or life celebrant of choice to proceed with the deceased and family members to the final place of rest and do so consistent with the faith and/or beliefs of the family and deceased alike.