educating our families

We are committed beyond your expectations to educate and equip every person we can with the tools necessary to make informed, educated decisions, be aware of how pricing structures function and how to avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary charges and more. Our goal is to provide you with the tools but beyond the usual public knowledge of every aspect of our industry. There should be nothing off limits, nothing you cannot ask, nothing you cannot see and anything we do should be public knowledge. We believe it is key that learning such information the families we serve, may serve or even if they need services elsewhere, may be equipped in making the decisions needed, but also making those choices wisely and benefiting from your entire experience.

We plan to cover everything including the pitfalls and how to be aware of common practices that firms which have questionable practices do, so that your "gut" gives you the correct feeling when you should be concerned. Ultimately, we are and will always be an open, transparent book, and therefore, protect the integrity and reputation of our industry and finally expect ONLY the highest of ethical standards for every single Funeral Director and employees within any funeral home who works with the deceased and the survivors. Our thought process is that such standards, ethical and moral levels cannot be learned with books or in a course due to being caught and after the proven violations the licensing board require Such individuals to enroll in an ethics course.....We have to ask ourselves, why is something that comes so naturally to some, must be taught as if it were a specific educational course, yet should come naturally. Such ethical and moral standards should start from inside and genuinely done, not learned from the outside, superficially acted out as inside it never was and such levels to come from such sources is almost impossible. These “ETHICAL behaviors” also considered “appropriate” behaviors are things that are not only natural, but a clear depiction of who you are when your alone and that is who you really are. To be required to take a course to understand something that should come naturally, is a red flag that I do not want to see waving from someone taking care of probably one of my most precious gems which is my loved one!  We believe such actions are an accurate depiction of inappropriate behaviors which usually are reflected when the individuals are alone.  Truly, who we are when we are alone is who we really are, sometimes such personas slip and show that true self when it comes to the dealings with others and thats when the red flags arise. Although one of our concerns, this part of our site will be covering a broad level of topics to help anyone and everyone, whether we have served you or not

Therefore, feel free to browse our library which will become extensive through time as our industry evolves and our industry reaches new levels never thought of before.  Information is key, information is free and we understand that reading books and pamphlets sometimes many are unable to grasp what is being read or even remembering for that matter.  We will try our best to be sure these videos clearly explain and present all information as clearly as possible and always know that we are always a phone call away.

If there is ever any information or topic you wish us to cover, do not hesitate in contacting us.

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