service pricing

To help you make an informed decision about all the options available to you, we have broken down on this page all the costs of different services our funeral home has available and are detailed in our general price list. Please remember the word general is key to remembering it is a GENERALIZED and DETAILED explanation of EVERY TYPE of service, and unless we clearly explain what part or parts of the General Price list would apply to the service you are trying to plan, chances are, you may not totally comprehend which ones would apply to your specific service until you speak to a licensed funeral director.

We use the analogy for many families to help them understand what the general price list is to be considered. We tell them to consider it like a menu at a restaurant of the many different options available to them from the restaurant, but obviously you would never have it all because that would be something unheard of. However, after you decide what it is exactly you prefer, the server (our directors) will provide you a detailed account of what such an order costs (or in other words, what that service would actually cost). Hopefully this helps make a little sense out of what can be a very complicated document and process.

Although the general price list is provided to each person considering Funeraria Luz de Paz, we understand that you do not make funeral plans every day and that the general price list may seem overwhelming and confusing. This is certainly not the intended purpose!

As death care professionals, we are aware of the regulations and changes that occur within our industry but would never expect you to be familiar with those rules when planning your intended services. Laws, policies, and procedures may vary from state to state and funeral home to funeral home. Therefore, we believe you should be able to make an obligation-free appointment with any licensed director at any funeral home you are considering. Doing so allows for the opportunity to be educated on all of your options, consider the accuracy of charges for your intended services, and interact with the staff and facilities directly.

During such an appointment, you should feel comfortable asking whatever comes to mind, and all of your questions should be answered. This is your chance to prepare yourself to make an informed decision when you are ready, and we want you to feel at peace with all final choices because you only have one chance to do it right! The knowledgeable staff at Funeraria Luz de Paz knows that each family’s wishes are unique to the loved one’s life being celebrated, and that’s why we are ready to help explain the charges pertaining to any service details you may be considering.

In the end, we are grateful for your consideration and hope Funeraria Luz de Paz is your chosen service provider. We strive for nothing but the very best for every single person we work with because it is an honor to have a cherished loved one entrusted to our care and to do everything in our power to make this process seamless for those that stay behind.

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