Our Story

Funeraria Luz De Paz has been serving the Bridgeport area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.

The Funeraria Luz de Paz, (Peaceful Light Funeral Home), was established in 1997. The original location was 1390 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT. At the time we shared the facility with the Lester Gee Funeral Home and its Owner and Funeral director, who will always be appreciated, Lester Gee. After just a year and a half, under the guidance and great insight of  Kevin Lesko,  of the Lesko & Polke Funeral Home in Fairfield, CT.  Since 1995, Kevin has been a mentor and has always provided valuable guidance and insight to the owner and staff alike,  having been a seasoned Funeral Director.  Having such insights, thoughts, ideas, and overall Kevin has been vital and a priceless asset as to why we became what our firm is today. Our firm relocated from our original facility and were able to obtain the facility we are currently located in,  which is the former Abriola Funeral Home of Bridgeport to the Abriola Parkview Funeral  Home in Trumbull, CT.  It has been our focus and vision to provide the highest levels, yet balanced, quality of facilities, services, Technology every step of the way while in our care. Therefore, our firm has been tastefully decorated to create a pleasing, peaceful atmosphere where families and public alike, can comfortably remember the life of their loved one. We believe everyone should be considered royalty and treated as such. Our goal is that not only we serve families, but they can understand that our entire operation including our facilities, continuing education, and more is developed and cared for at the same level as the care of their loved one. Regardless of any financial limitations anyone may have, we have never turned anyone away for financial hardship, of course, understanding that although we care for them, we cannot control outside sources and the expenses each of those components are compose in the entire funeral process. We strive to provide education and guidance to make wise decisions in every aspect of funeral arrangements.

Our motto is that a family has only One opportunity to accomplish this task correctly, and it is our responsibility to assist them in making those decisions. In the end of it all, it is imperative they will feel proud of making the choice for our firm to serve them.  We do not pretend to be perfect but yet committed to complete transparency every step of the way, without any interest other than to do things correctly. Please know we are constantly changing to continuously enhance our abilities and skills to serve with the latest technology available, yet without burdening the families who come to us for services as they mourn their loved ones. We not only expand the level of services every possible chance we get, we attempt to provide the expanded levels of services,  without any increase in costs to those we serve.

The exterior of our home is very well lit inside and out the entire evening. We have ample off street parking to accommodate over 80 vehicles and the entire perimeter of our home has ample on-street available parking also. We have held services at times in excess of 400 attendees which we must get through our facilities considering the needs of the family yet we strive to balance the care, wellbeing of everyone in attendance. In the busy world we live in we cherish the time of those who have made it their goal to invest a few moments to see a loved one and /or the family of the deceased who has services in our home.

In Short, we live to create an elegant, pleasing and peaceful atmosphere from the instant you come into our home, as best we can. We have gone to great lengths to create the overall atmosphere of a "HOME" for everyone to experience. From our arrangement area where we comfortably sit up to 8 who can make arrangements, Our main chapel which seats almost 100 comfortably, our main corridor creating a spacious ambiance to walk through and finally our "Remembrance Quarters" , where wonderful moments are cherished, good times are remembered shared and tears reflect tender moments that are being recalled. Every effort made to assure your comfort when you are here or across an ocean in another country.